Ithaca College Television

Weather Anchor Reel

Weather Anchor - March 18th, 2017

"Best of" collection for weather anchor reports for Ithaca College Television...

ICTV Cribs: Episode 1

Actor - February 24th, 2017

As Station Manager for Ithaca College Television, the Promotions Team decided to use me as an actor showing off...

ICTV Programming Samples 2016

Editor - December 9th, 2016

Broadcast Education Association’s Signature Station award is in recognition for student television and radio stations...

ICTV Election Center 2016

Executive Producer - November 8th, 2016

ICTV Special Projects presents Ithaca College’s Election Center Coverage 2016. Covering all the candidates...

ICTV Debate Center 2016

Director/Executive Producer - October 27th, 2016

ICTV hosted a live debate between Incumbent Republican Senator Tom O’Mara and Democratic Challenger Leslie Danks Burke...

2015 SGA Debate

Producer - April 15th, 2015

ICTV Special Projects presents Ithaca College’s Student Government Association Election debate...

West King News Package

Reporter/Editor - October 23rd, 2014

An accident on West King Road and Route 96B creates breaking news for Newswatch 16.

Newswatch Collaboration

Actor - March 20th, 2014

With the collaboration between Newswatch 16, ICTV and CBS’s Affiliation in Syracuse becoming large news for the Ithaca...

Ovid, NY Fire News Package

Reporter/Editor - March 18th, 2014

As a restaurant fire engulfs neighboring business, Newswatch 16’s Alex McKeen, was there to photog...